Mic Righteous – Honour Mic (Dreamland Album)

I Tell my fam don’t cry
There’s another world outside these walls
We’re trapped inside
You’re looking at me like I’m out my mind
Cause’ I wanna fly
Cause’ I wanna find out what’s on the other side
And I might not come back alive
There’s a high chance I’ma die
And if I die
God knows I’ll be going out with a fight
I’m proud to be mic
I’m proud to be righteous
In control of the life that I’m in
I got a lot on my mind
You keep it bottled inside
If i got a problem I’ll write
Yeah this is honour and pride
Won’t see me grabbing the metal
Cause’ that’s back in the devil
I walk with god on my side
I didn’t know what I hide
Behind these eyes of mine
I try and try a lot of the time
I’m sorry I lied a lot in my life
I wanna stop and rewind the clock
Right my wrongs
It wasn’t alright
Gotta be mic
Gotta be righteous
You take my kindness for weakness because I’m polite
Then there will be no comical side
I’ll lock of your life and swallow the key
Why are these demons following me
Me; I follow my dreams
I still live in poverty, boring please
Nah I could always borrow the p’s
Go and get 2 O of the cheese
.9 nine looking like a 2.3
Give 3 bills back
What does it leave
A 3 20 profit now what is it G
I’m from the streets
But a shotter’s not what I want to be
I got to succeed
Knowledge is key
Along with honour and pride a lot of belief
When I receive pain
I don’t want a receipt
I’ve seen deceit
I’ve seen the stronger prey on the weak
Don’t ever let anyone tell you anything bruv
And you can take it from me
No matter your background you can achieve
All you gotta do is believe
Work hard, Stay real
Stay true to the people that had your back when you was in need
I took it for granted fam
But that was stupid of me
No more excuses blud
I think of how stupid I’ve been
But nothing is here for us
What stops the youth from pursuing there dreams
Is fear in us
We’re the ones who is losing the beef
We’re the ones who choose to be taken for iidiats it’s deep
Well these man do what they please
Yo fuck the rules
We don’t see beyond these walls
The truthers are free
I writ these bars while you was asleep
I could of locked of then watched TV
I do what needs be
They don’t wanna show you what we see
So what I do is show you the painful truth
And I hope you change your tune
Brick by brick I’ma break this too
When I spit up the room and shake this room
I’m the one who what’s to be free
Do you want to make it too
You can make it 2
Lets make it 3
There’s more to life than they can see
I close my eyes and paint a scene
There’s people screaming wait for me
Rebel soldiers take to the streets
Standing up for honour and pride
Breaking the chains and the feet
There’s thousands (?) but I
This time we play for keeps
No more praying for peace
This time we fight for it
Lets find the king and take his queen
If he don’t grant us freedom
We gonna make her scream
Everybody wants peace it ain’t just me
Will blast that castle down if he don’t change his
Will burn that castle down, for tryna taking out pride
I’m like who’s laughing now
Yo fuck it they can die
Cause’ in the dark is i who gave us light
A leader saved our lives
He came and made us fight
He came with honour and pride and faith
His aims were high
He was the brightest one
Took the king and tied him up
Took the key
Unlocked the gate
Told us all our time had come
The working class was rising up
Put it in writing and sign it blud
Peace had finally come
We can finally live the love we life
And love the life we live
Cause’ now the other side is open for my brothers eyes
All I’m riding is honour and pride
I am mic
Yeah, all I’m riding on is honour and pride
I am mic

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