Tyga – Tyga’s World Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Park your whip leave the trash on the side
Cause once entering these gates youll never be alive
Again, again please proceed to the right
You must be excited, the worlds best surprise
And soon to be captured by your eyes
And no capturing, leave your cameras behind
The only thing you need is your body and you mind
You can drive to the entrance but I prefer to fly

[Verse 2]
Grab your ticket and get in the line
You got pees follow me
And heres a map to the rides
Im colorblind when it comes to the night
But for now take this locating device
Eye for an eye get ready for the time, of your life
Its gonna be mighty nice
Im instructor outta luck-tor and dont ask why
I almost forgot, man goodbye

Id like to welcome you, all of you, to Tygas world. Where there is lots of things to do, and people to see. You might see a flying dachshund or you might see popcorn. Rot. Just playin. Enjoy your stay, boys and girls, at Tygas World!

[Verse 3]
You like what you see so far, right?
Characters, Merry-Go-Rounds, jaws droppin
Mind boggling
Kids jogging, Magic Carpets
Many choices, but not a option
Here you will spend the rest of your life
Im Just Joking
Just Kidding, this will be home to many
For many centuries
Check out the goldfishes
Theyre all dead, but still swimmin

[Verse 4]
Oh You think youre so fearless?
Ill take you on another venture
So Im more scarier than your dentist
Its called Grimace
A purple like substance used for licking spirits
Some can say it also chose the heron
Explosion fire off into nighttime
Getting closer
And I think were getting closer
I didn’t notice
Im losin focus
Blood loosin
Blurry Motion
Im movin
Oh shit

Now now now calm down calm down, We can’t have any accidents in the park here. But uhm I hope youre having a good time, cause I no I am. But uhm we haven’t even gotten to the main attraction yet, boys and girls. Read your map, and welcome. To Tygas World!

[Verse 5]
You scream! You scream!
Youre making up a scene
You won’t feel nothing
Pretend its just a dream
Dream that youre safe and sound to sleep
Cause this needle here is gonna put you to sleep
And Im not being funny
Im just following the money
Boss man says Im just working for him
Youre soon gonna meet him
Just dont be afraid as his facial features look like a pizza
Freddy Krueger, the movie, have you seen it?
Well this is sorta the same the doctor dreamin
And might try escaping
You wouldve got away if it wasn’t for this nine inch tazer
The torture isnt over
Theres more
More !
And more
Now give me your soul
And enjoy your stay at Tygas World!

Haha I wanna thank you for leaving your soul tonight
And um you guys have been a great audience and I have been a great host
My name is Tyga, man. Well Tyga Alien
Haha and um I wanna thank you boys and girls once again
Come back, To Tygas World

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