Twisted Insane & Charlie Ray – About You (The Gatekeeper And The Keymaster Album)

[Twisted Insane]
What have I become?
Just another dumb drunk
Who was raised in the slums
Some waste of some cum?
That little biddy nigga in a world full of giants fee fi fo fum
Kicked out of every school I ever fucking went to
Momma told me I was always violent
Every time I go into a class
All the kids was talking
I was always silent
And when I be out

[C. Ray]
Riding, I be on that solo tip
Everybody wonder where this nigga goes when I’m lit
When I vanish at the drop of a hat and I fall back
They thinking it’s all rap
Til the .44 click
But you don’t know shit
About me and my agenda
Actions, and people that I been to
Hell and back with
Now we all galactic
Cities on my map, quick
And on my knees Imma bend em like I’m Bane
Only represent for the gangs
And you niggas will respect what I claim

[Twisted Insane]
And I could be the reason that I’m feelin so much pain
And everybody always wanna pick a nigga brain
My kids gotta eat
Who the fuck is gonna feed em If I die today
That bitch will have a nigga come and beat ’em
Really mistreat ’em
And have ’em walking up and down the street
With no shoes on their motherfuckin feet and
Now I’m feeling lost

[C. Ray]
Homie, tell me what the fuck am I to do I’m just tryin to make it to Vegas so I could see my son
But it cost
Too much so I gotta wait cause I gotta pay to keep the medication on my tongue
Or they’ll toss
Me up in a grave
And they turn the page on a nigga like I wasn’t nothin but a side show
And everywhere that I go
I be hearing what they thinkin they be wanting me to die slow

[Twisted Insane]
And I know how the shit is, lil nigga
Life gettin’ to you, so you turn to the liquor
You get the plus so you turn a lil quicker
Pour the bottle down your throat til it’s burnin your liver

[C. Ray]
No concern when I hit the gas peel out
Like fuck it if I see my last meal

[Twisted Insane]
But, homie, that’s real

[C. Ray]
I feel like giving up on record deals
When I’m drunk, I think I never gave a fuck I never will
So imagine, if I never had the music
And I never was equipped with the raft to use it
Like I do, when I’m lucky enough to pay a bill while you niggas make a mill with your whack acoustics
And I’m through with
Hollering a loose leaf
Do flee
With your life I’m in the movies
When I’m lock on with the goonies
Take your top on I be choppin em

[Twisted Insane]
And I could be the one that hit you all up with the toolie
Get the duct tape I’m a loose cannon
I be doing shit so random
They don’t make them like me, god damnit
It’s like I’m from a different ‘nother mother fuckin planet
But I’m on Earth
Where I’ve been cursed since birth
Really feeling like I’m fucking worth-less
Knowing that I really haven’t learned-shit

[C. Ray]
Except for how I spit to make them pur-chase

[Hook x2: C. Ray]
Me til I finish like -ing, don’t you see what I’m comin’ through
We bleed for the right to speak
And yo treason is nothin new
And when everything that you seein’ is not
What you think it’s worth
Believe Imma keep my feet on this rock til I’m in the dirt

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