Mugisho – Milano

No more lies, I can promise
You the one I told my friends about for years
I don’t know why I keep tryin
I wanna be with you ey

Everything i’ve asked for
think I am ? yo
I can take you to Milano ey
think before you say no
I just wanna be the one tho
I wanna be with you
ey Lets go to Milano

No more lies, can you tell me
did you tell your friends about me all these years
cause in your eyes
There’s something happenin’
You wanna be with me ey

everything you’ve asked for
Think we both be ? yo
can i take you to Milano
you don’t wanna say no
I can see you wanna let go
I wanna be with you
ey let’s go to Milano

(I wanna be with you ey)

Milano Milano Milano

Ey let’s go to Milano

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