Watch Guy Fieri Headbanging At A Slipknot Show

Mentally, I’m here. At a Slipknot concert pre-pandemic. The music is loud, the crowd is raring and who might be front and centre in that crowd? Well, right there is none other than Guy Fieri, headbanging his way into my heart.

The Mayor of Flavortown was caught rocking out on camera by Alexandria Crahan, daughter of Slipknot percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan, and as expected, her footage has gone viral on Tik Tok.

She posted the short clip with the caption “It was like a beautiful fever dream @slipknot #flavortown #guyfieri #slipknot #foodnetwork”. Although he appears to be incognito, Fieri can be seen front and centre in the video, clearly very into the band’s performance of their song ‘Custer’. The clip ends with a short on-screen caption, reading “The time I met Guy Fieri at a Slipknot concert … He was really nice”, finishing up with a photo of him and Alexandria.

And speaking of Clown, just a few days back he announced his foray into the growing US cannabis economy, with his new company Clown Cannabis.

Watch the footage below.

@alexandriacrahanIt was like a beautiful fever dream @slipknot #flavortown #guyfieri #slipknot #foodnetwork

♬ Custer – Slipknot

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