PREMIERE: A Twenty-Two Letter Phrase Delivers Magic In ‘Don’t Stop Spinning’

A Twenty-Two Letter Phrase – yes, that’s the artist’s name – is the solo project of musician Angus Gardiner, and now he’s delivered another taste of what he’s got to offer in new single ‘Don’t Stop Spinning’.

The song is a dramatic, synth-twirling number that’s backed with lush keys and a strutting guitar line, just begging you to lay back and fall into the magic of it. It’s got the feel of A Moon-Shaped Pool-era Radiohead with the subtle pop stylings of artists like Weyes Blood.

‘Don’t Stop Spinning’ is A Twenty-Two Letter Phrase’s second ever release, yet its so polished you’d think he was a veteran. Well, that’s because he kind of is! He’s been building his craft for years by working with artists like Jarryd James, Montaigne and E^ST, as well as being a founding member of beloved band Papa Vs. Pretty.

“It’s about the rhythmic persistence of our lives; we walk, we breathe, we spin around the sun. It’s about keeping on keeping on with a mindset of acceptance,” Gardiner said of the song in a press statement.

“When I wrote it, I was doing a lot of running, and reading Bessel Van Der Kolk’s amazing book The Body Keeps the Score. I think there is a quote in there about how we are inherently rhythmical beings. I loved the clinical language describing something which is to me so warm, human, and emotional. To me that’s a lot of what music is about, encoding emotional content with a deliberate and clinical approach.”

Listen to ‘Don’t Stop Spinning’ below.

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