Listen To Slowly Slowly’s New Single ‘Blueprint’

Aussie kings of the pop punk rock scene, Slowly Slowly have shared a new one today. ‘Blueprint’ is a high energy, emo banger of a tune.

It’s a Slowly Slowly-classic, mashing scathing lyrics with the sugary-sweet sort in lines like, “Please promise that you’ll always have time for this, oh / Back to basics, back on our bullshit / I’ll get the hang of it, you be my blueprint.”

Slowly Slowly seem to have a knack for producing the most aesthetic music videos. ‘Blueprint’ is no different, with stunning intermittent scenes of the band performing among wild flowers.

They don suits in beautiful shades of pink and peach too, just to turn up the vibes.

The video escalates when drummer, Patrick Murphy pulls out a shotgun. He shoots bassist, Alex Quayle before the rest of the band abandons his body.

Catch the Kyle Caulfield-directed video in full down below.

The new single comes off the back of the release of 2020’s Race Car Blues and this year’s Race Car Blues Chapter Two.

The band’s seemingly forever-postponed Race Car Blues tour will kick off next month. Suss the dates here.

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