Mastodon – Sultan’s Curse lyrics

[Verse 1: Troy Sanders]
Tired and lost
No one to trust
Who is there to give the push
All I have learned
Straighten the curve
Like a circle to return

[Chorus 1: Brent Hinds]
The long embrace
The smell of dirt and roses
Under the sun
No sign of breath or water
I fall asleep under blankets of stars

[Verse 2: Troy Sanders]
Ice hit you cold
Heat of surprise
Bending mind can’t realize
Faith is in me
End I can see
Tears are strong as ten thousand tongues

[Chorus 2: Brent Hinds]
My sweet mirage
I bathe in sacred waters
I kiss the Sky
Floating in Sultans daughters
Memories of loved ones only passing me by
Memories of loved ones are passing me by

[Pre-Bridge: Brann Dailor](X2)
Oceans of sand and rust
Give way and yield my wake

[Bridge: Brann Dailor]
They’re waiting inside
They’re waiting to wash your eyes out
Their hands are alive
Alive with a fervent anger
Your feet have been tied and your tongue in your hand
Death of a thousand ravens
You’re down on your knees
You’re blind as the Ancient Kingdom

[Outro: Troy Sanders]
Relive the ages of the moon
Reeling the water close to you

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