Mastodon – White Walker lyrics

[Sounds of baby crying]

[Verse 1: Brann Dailor]
We heard tale White Walkers
We heard them all dead
Then come Old Man Winter
He’ll rip us all to shreds
Hide away your children
Then hide away yourselves
Dig deep into mountain
Dig far beyond the spell

They come down
They come down The Wall
They come down
They come down The Wall

[Verse 2]
You can hear their footsteps
Crush the fresh-fell snow
You can hear them feasting
Oh, tell me where’s my crow?
Harping every armory
Sharpening their blade
I pray for every one of them
And sacrifices made


[Verse 3]
So beware, you king and commoner
Be ready, young and old
Nevermind the game inside the realm
For it’s no match for winter’s cold


To save us all
To save us all

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